Designing the Hourglass Set

Pick up a copy of the Hourglass (spacetime) Set of cards from DriveThruCards here:

The first edition of the singularity deck had the hourglass suit, but for the second edition I wanted to update and expand it. In the first edition the hourglass cards only went to 35, now they go up to 100, which opens up the gameplay possibilities. The cards have a secondary rank of repeating roman numerals I - V. They also have a secondary suit icon, called a bit that can represent either a 0 or 1, a 1 or 2, or a 2 or 3 depending on which features are looked at.

This suit represents spacetime, which is why the artwork features both an hourglass and a grid in the background. The original artwork showed the hourglass counting down, but did it in a slightly more abstracted way. This time each grain of sand moves down the hourglass as the ranks change. In keeping with the rest of the singularity deck the cards begin at Alpha (100) and end at Omega (0). The alpha card uses the roman numeral "V" to play a bit of double duty and look like an "A."

In addition to ranks 0-100 there is a face card for death waiting for all of us when our time runs out.

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