Singularity Deck - Earth (Extended Ranks)


When I first posted the Singularity Deck I also put up an expansion deck that extended the possible ranks of each suit. Personally, I never really used the extended ranks much, and none of the games I've been designing required them. As such, when I released the Singularity Deck 2.0 earth set, I didn't feel the need to update the extended ranks cards. It turned out though that several people messaged me that they had been using them, and missed them from the new deck. I got to work and updated the extended rank cards to fit with the new deck. I also updated the way the pips are arranged. The old version had a big image of the suit symbol silhouetted in the background. It had always looked a bit clunky to me. Overall I look the new way much better. When I finish all of the cosmic suits I plan to realese a set of extended ranks for those cards as well.

You can pick up your very own copy of the extra cards ranks here:

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