The Grand Camelot and Go Board

The Grand Camelot Board.

This board is a bit more specialized in the games it plays, but still surprisingly versatile. At its heart is a 10 by 10 grid (larger than the other grid boards which only go up to 9 by 9). Surrounding that is the Camelot board and the go board. At the extremities is the grand Camelot board. If you're unfamiliar with Camelot (and a fan of abstracts) you should really check it out. With this board, the Camelot pieces (in this case they're from an 80s reprint called "Inside Moves"), and the go stones you can play a bunch of games. Some of my favorites are amazons and barca. Check out this geeklist.

Patrons get access to jpeg and tiff files of the board so they can print their own. They also get to make suggestions for new boards and design ideas. The patreon is pay whatever you can afford:

To get a professionally printed cloth bandanna print of the board go Printer Studio:
I have tested the quality of the print and material. The boards are 18 by 18 inches. The cloth print is on a polyester that is really soft, sturdy, and doesn't wrinkle (The material is really great, I was very impressed the first time I received the print from them). It's not the thickest material though so I've found its best to play on a flat surface. Although, when confronted with an uneven surface I just layer it with some of the other cloth boards I have and that seems to do the trick.
Grand Camelot Board v8

Design notes:

Camelot/Grand Camelot: The large weirdly shaped grid is for playing Camelot (aka Inside Moves). Camelot is an amazing two player abstract designed by George S. Parker of Parker Brothers fame back around the early 1930s. It shares some similarities to checkers, but in my opinion is much more interesting. The dotted grids (on the left and right of the board) are for playing a 4 player variant called Grand Camelot. You can learn more about the game here:

Go: 13 by 13 Go can be played on the corners of the grid, indicated by small circles.

10 by 10 grid: A 10 by 10 grid is marked in the center of the board. With this you can play a variety of games including a favorite of mine called Amazons (BGG:, Get the game here:

Matthew T Ross - July 9th 2019