Multideck Maker

Multideck Maker

Try to picture your ideal set of playing cards, one that easily fits in your pocket and plays a ton of your favorite games. How many suits does it need? What ranks? Colors? What other features? Does each card have action text on it? Roles for your favorite social deduction game? A photo of your face on the back to intimidate your opponents!? The list could go on and on!

Now, picture that the only expertise you needed to make the deck a reality was knowing how to edit a spreadsheet!  (This may be the only time in history an exclamation point has ever followed the word "spreadsheet.")

The goal of the Multideck Maker Project is to make it as easy as possible for anyone to create their own custom deck of cards using an ever growing collection of art assets and premade card layouts.

For access to everything you need to get started, join the Singularity Games Patreon

This gives you access to all of the art assets and card layouts needed for making a custom deck of cards. Based on patron suggestions, I'm constantly adding new suit icons, art, and layouts.

Multideck Maker Tutorial: The Basics of how to create, export, and print custom cards

Click the below image for the details of each layout:
Basic Layout: Example Card:
Grid Layout: Example Card:
Advanced Layout Coming Soon:

Tons of Suit Icons

An ever-growing collection of suit icons allows you to create a deck perfectly suited to your preference! There are currently more than 30 unique suit icons that range from the classic French suits to eurogame icons like wheat and brick.


Changeable Colors

The color of each card feature can be easily changed. Want blue hearts? No problem!  Green Diamonds? Done! Each layer of the court cards can be changed allowing for a huge amount of customization.


Custom Court Cards

On top of having access to the original artwork from the Singularity Deck, new court cards allow for swappable items.


Unique Gameplay Features

Make a deck that plays your favorite games. Add roles for your favorite social deduction game or text for card powers. Make cards with dual suits, dice, chess pieces, or suggest new ideas.