Singularity Boxes

Singularity Boxes: Game Storage System 

Singularity Boxes are 3D printed containers designed with board game storage in mind. The boxes are compatible with the seemingly defunct Bitbox system. The Singularity Boxes have a few advantages over Bitboxes: they have slightly more volume, they fit sleeved cards better, there are more size options, and they have increased durability. The biggest disadvantage is of course that they need to be printed. All that said I think the Bitbox system was awesome and I hope that one day it will be available again.

While seemingly simple in design, I went through at least a dozen iterations to refine the geometry of the boxes to maximize structural integrity and container volume. I thought this would be a quick project, but it ended up taking way more time than I originally thought. Overall I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out, however I'm always open to ideas. The lids are friction fit, so you may find them a bit hard to put on the box at first depending on your printers tolerance. After a bit of usage though, it smooths out.

Cross section of a Singularity Box:

All box sizes and Fusion 360 files are available to patrons:

The Deck Box and Small Box sizes are available to download for free on Thingiverse thanks to my patrons support:

A mixture of Singularity Boxes, Bitboxes, and Drive Thru Card's standard deck boxes:

For now, I've tested four sizes: deck box, double-deck box, small box, and medium box.
Deck box: 44mm x 75mm x 96mm
Double-Deck box: 88mm x 75mm x 96mm
Small box: 88mm x 150mm x 96mm
Medium box: 176mm x 150mm x 96mm

The deck box holds ~120 standard playing cards. That's enough to hold each version of the Singularity Deck. The boxes can also fit sleeved cards. Each box is double the size of the previous. My printer is only big enough to print up to the medium size box, however if there is enough interest I am happy to post larger sizes for download.

Singularity Boxes printed with wood PLA:

Check out this Bitbox Geeklist to see which box size is necessary for a bunch of different games:
Given that this list was for Bitboxes, the smallest size listed is the Small box.

Some game storage examples:
Hive Pocket stored in a Singularity Deck Box. This box is printed with Prusa's Galaxy filament (which is quickly becoming one of my favorites). 

The Ultimate Gipf Board and pieces can be stored in the Medium Box.

Carcassonne with the first 2 expansions fits into a small box. The score board easily fits in the lid of the case.

The Modular Magnetic Grid Board fits into a Medium Box with room to spare.