Singularity Games

Singularity Games is a passion project that specializes in game systems and accessories that allow for a wide variety of games to be played with a limited number of components.

All of the designs found on this site are available to download through my patreon:
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There you are sitting among the other doomsday survivors. You let out an imperceptible sigh. Despair starts to set in as you glance out the tiny window of the bunker. Wait! Could it be? Are the rumors true? You see what appears to be the hero of legend on the hill -- their magnificent case in hand. The hero is ushered inside. They place their case on a makeshift table and begin to slowly open it. A young child stands on their toes to get a glimpse of its contents. You hold your breath as it creaks slowly open. Yes, it’s true! Board games! Sweet, sweet board games! Thus, the inhabitants of bunker 2543 were saved by the hero of legend.

You could be that hero. Join me on my journey to stick a bunch of games into a box and then stick that box into another box…

The Apocalypse Box.

The Singularity Deck is an evolution of playing cards that is infinitely expandable and allows for an immense number of games to be played. See this Geeklist for a variety of other games compatible with the Singularity Deck.

Multideck Maker is a toolset for creating custom playing cards using the Singularity Deck art assets.

Singularity Boards are gaming accessories that help to maximize portability and versatility of components by allowing many games to be played on a single board.

Singularity Boxes are 3D printed containers designed specifically for board game storage.

The Singularity Piecepack is a custom version of the piecepack that is compatible with the Singularity Deck.