Singularity Games

Universal Gaming Components for DIY and Hobby Board Gamers

A passion project by Matthew T. Ross that specializes in board game systems and accessories that allow for a wide variety of games to be played with overlapping components. This project is supported through the Singularity Games Patreon. Patrons get access to print & play files, discounts for print-on-demand copies, and exclusive extras. Follow Singularity Games on Bluesky and Threads or friend me on Board Game Geek.

An evolution of playing cards that is infinitely expandable and allows for an immense number of games to be played.

A multiuse game board that can play nearly all of the games in the Kris Burm's GIPF series of games, including dvonn, gipf, tzaar, yinsh, and lyngk. 

This hex board can quickly and easily be reconfigured into any shape and size making it incredibly versatile. It's strong polarity-independent magnetic connection makes it easy to move the board around.  

This 1-inch version of the hex board can be used on its own or used as tokens with the 1.5-inch board. This size hex is particularly great for games with very large boards. 

A tool set for remixing the Singularity Deck, Piecepack and more. With easy to use NanDeck layouts and the Singularity Games art assets you can make your own custom designs.

3D printed containers designed specifically for board game storage.  

A custom version of the piecepack that is compatible with the Singularity Deck. 

Singularity boxes designed to hold board game tokens.

About as classic as a board can get: the grid. Here you will find two boards, one with an odd and one with an even numbers of squares. There are an amazing number of games designed to be played on this iconic board. 

Combines a Camelot, Grand Camelot, Go, and 10 by 10 grid board for amazing gaming goodness. The pieces used for these games can be combined to play an even greater variety of games. 

This board can be quickly reconfigured to create a hex board of any shape and size. It consists of individual hexes that are different colors on each side that connect together with either OpenLock connectors or magnetic clips, allowing it to be configured in a ton of different ways. 

This board is portable, can quickly change into any size, and can reflect different grid patterns. The board consists of individual squares that are different colors on each side and connect together with either openlock connectors or magnetic clips, allowing it to be configured in a ton of different ways.