OpenLock Grid Board

The Magnetic Grid Board can quickly change size and shape, easily break down, and can reflect any grid pattern. The board consists of individual squares that are different colors on each side and connect together with either standard OpenLock connectors or magnetic clips.

This board is available to download for free thanks to the support of my patrons. Join me on patreon to get access to all of my designs, including the original fusion 360 files for this board:

Thingiverse link: 

Design Notes

The key features of the board:

1. The size of the board can easily change depending on the game.

For example, a 5x5 board for Tak or Santorini, an 6x6 board for The Duke, or even a 10x10 board for playing amazons. 

2. The pieces can flip to change the grid pattern.

For example, in Arimaa there are four pit spaces while the rest of the board is the same. The brown tiles pictured were printed with a wood filament that was then stained with different colors on each side. The black and white tiles were printed with a filament swap halfway through to create the dual-color look. 

3. The board is easy to re-configure and break down.

The board can be held together with standard openlock clips for a rigid structure or with magnetic clips

The OpenLock grid board has optional edge pieces.

The openlock hex board connected to the openlock grid board.

Grid board tiles with magnetic clips 

Picking up the magnetic grid board