OpenLock Hex Board

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There are a ton of games played on hex boards, including those that use a regular number of sides (such as TZAAR and Blooms) and many that use irregular boards (such as DVONN and Ragnarocks). This magnetic modular hex board can be quickly reconfigured to create a board of any shape and size. 

Check out these geeklists for just a sampling of the many games played on hex boards: 

Design Notes:

Each hex tiles has six slots compatible with any OpenLock clip. To magnetize the tiles, I'm using my custom magnetic openlock clips (download here: For the strongest connection I'm using the dual ball-magnet clips shown below. 

Hex tiles with the dual-ball magnet clip.

A "split-up" magneticOpenlock  hex board.

The dual ball-magnet clips provide enough strength the board can be picked up with a bit of care.

The openlock hex board connected to the openlock grid board.